L-3 Link Simulation & Training upgrades Boeing 777 full-flight simulator with ReaLED™ technology

L-3 Link Simulation & Training upgrades Boeing 777 full-flight simulator with ReaLED™ technology

Reduced total cost of ownership, high fidelity, image stability and low-maintenance are key criteria for visual systems investment.

Fredrikstad, Norway, 5 November 2012 – Today’s commercial aviation operators are looking for cost effective, high-fidelity and stable solutions for visual displays. The brand new Boeing 777 full-flight simulator (FFS) is being manufactured by L-3 Link Simulation & Training UK (L-3 Link UK) at its Crawley, UK facility.

The Boeing 777 FFS uses the very latest projectiondesign® FL35 projectors integrated with RSI Visual Systems’ XT4 Image Generators and meets the stringent requirements of Level D Certification.

“L-3 Link UK asked RSI Visual Systems to provide a visual system that was fully compliant and the most cost effective solution. As an integrator of visual systems, RSI has found a lot of interest in using LED-based DLP® projectors. This is mainly down to their superior picture quality, low cost of ownership, and stability of image. Once fully calibrated, the LED projection system does not need to be touched for another 9-12 months.”says Ralph Baker, Director, European Business at RSI Visual Systems.

“For this project, what is a real benefit is that three FL35 projectors illuminate 12 million pixels, which enables the RSI XT4 Image Generator to produce a field of view of 200 by 45 degrees collimated display. The increased vertical FOV is in the lower half of the screen and is particularly useful for pilot training when practising circling approaches.”

The FL35 from projectiondesign uses no lamp or consumables and is designed to create the world’s most stunning image at a pixel precision of 2560 x 1600. With its 2nd generation LED illumination system the FL35 shows the amazing picture at double the resolution and at 50 % higher brightness than any other LED-illuminated projector with an unmatched 100,000 hours life-time of the LED light source.

The projectors utilise adjustable SRP™ smear reduction processing. “The smearing is significantly reduced, thus enabling pilots to read signboards when they are turning on the ground at a greater distance than they would on other types of projectors,” explains Baker.

“Our ReaLED technology will provide benefits that support improved operation up-time and drastically reduced maintenance, operating costs, and technical resources,” says Maria Dahl Aagaard, Product Marketing Manager at projectiondesign.

projectiondesign will be exhibiting at the European Airline Training Symposium, Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany between 6-7 November 2012.
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