NEC launches super slim public MultiSync® X401S display with Edge LED backlight

NEC launches super slim public  MultiSync® X401S display with Edge LED backlight

NEC Display Solutions Europe has unveiled the MultiSync® X401S, a 40-inch LCD public display that combines efficiency - thanks to its Edge LED backlight - with elegance due to the super-slim and light design.

Being the best in class professional public display product with Edge LED technology, the MultiSync® X401S is an ideal solution for retail signage as well as mission-critical signage applications for airports/transportation, control room applications and even for QSR installations and solutions in totems and furniture. The X401S rounds out NEC's hugely popular XS Series, and will join the 46- and 55-inch models in the same series.

The high-definition 1080p resolution display’s Edge LED backlight technology provides outstanding uniformity, while catering for the rigorous demands of 24/7 usage. This also makes the display incredibly slim and light, which enables integration in extremely slim cabinets and installations with space constraints. Furthermore, the programmable ambient light sensor ensures that the brightness is automatically adjusted as the light conditions change, thereby reducing power consumption while delivering eye pleasing brightness levels.

These features help to make it more effective and environmentally friendly as well as keeping the operating costs as low as possible.

However, performance isn’t sacrificed for these other benefits as the screen still produces 700cd/m2 brightness with its very low reflection panel and quality of picture is outstanding too due to optional colour calibration which allows logos and images to be portrayed with incredible precision. Furthermore, the display is DICOM compliant, meaning it can be used in medical applications.

The MultiSync® X401S supports NEC’s unique heat management system that enables the user to monitor and control the heat inside the display with user controllable fans. Heat management is crucial for integration jobs and mission-critical installations to secure reliability and longevity. This model also includes NEC’s OPS slot technology version 2 (STv2), which allows for the integration of single board computers and other option slot products without the need to stow external equipment.

These features are provided along with all the other features standard in NEC's XS Series of public displays, including OSD rotation for portrait mode, network connectivity with SNMP support for remote control and automated email notifications for diagnostic purposes, as well as a full range of inputs including DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI. Daisy chaining via DVI can be used to link up to nine units, offering high flexibility at no extra cost if the signal needs to be passed on for video walls or back-to-back installations.

The MultiSync® X401S will be available in November 2012.  

7 September, ISR
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