Reference White Paints for Projection Screens

Reference White Paints for Projection Screens

These paints produced by Goo Systems feature reflection coefficient 1.8. It allows successfully using them in darkened rooms.

Reference White paints are designed to turn any flat surface into a projection screen that completely complies with color reproduction standards. Paints are put on in two stages: after drying of the primer reflecting layer you can cover the surface with finish coating. Paints are acrylic-based and conform to the strictest environmental standards. Moreover, they are fireproof and almost odorless.

Reference White paints feature reflection coefficient 1.8. They are recommended to be used with projectors that provide light quantity over 129.12 ANSI lumens per sq. m. of screen. Due to reflection coefficient it becomes possible to use these paints in moderately lighted rooms and halls equipped with light control systems. Paints provide the best in class brightness and color reproduction.

One of the top advantages of Screen Goo technology is ease of use. No special equipment is required; the process of painting is as simple as hanging wall-paper. Reference White paint is offered separately or in package including primer and finish coatings. Available volumes are 0.5 l (for 2.3 sq. m of surface), 1 l (for 4.6 sq. m), 2 l (for 9.3 sq. m), 3.78 l (for 17.6 sq. m) and 16 l (for 74.5 sq. m). The calculation supposes painting with a roller or a brush; if you spray paint, its consumption increases by 20%.

23 May, ISR
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