TLS QuickScout Digital

TLS QuickScout Digital

The modern and cost-efficient presentation system now DIGITAL

Hilden, Aug 8th, 2012. TLS QuickScout Digital is a system solution to switch HDMI/DVI- and audio signals without conversion, without compression! With TLS QuickScout Digital up to 16 connected users can access locally and software independent a common LCD screen and data/video projector with a simple push of a button. The system offers best image quality at a resolution of 1080p / 1920x1200 and HDCP support. 2 user ports are installed in each module.

The video bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps turns every presentation into a brilliant experience, whilst the audio switch provides for perfect playback of audio sequences in stereo quality. The presentation-check function allows the user a discreet editing of his presentation also during ongoing operation.

The installation is as flexible as the system itself : Integrated in an elegant aluminium housing, TLS QuickScout digital modules QuickScout Digital modules can be mounted anywhere, on or under the table, in wall channels or in the floor and easily be connected.

  • Peripheral & mobile control
  • Maximum resolution 1080p / 1920x1200
  • HDCP compatible
  • One button operation
  • Easy installation
  • State-of-the-art technology with elegant design

Technical Data

  • Plug&Play DDC Mode
  • Video bandwidth: 2.5 Gbps
  • Connections:

    1 x 24+5 pin DVI-I female (Bus IN)
    2 x 19 pin HDMI female (IN1, IN2)
    3 x 3,5 mm stereo jack female (IN1, IN2, Bus)
    2 x 2,5 mm jack female (extern IN1, IN2)

    1 x 24+5 pin DVI-I female (Bus OUT)
    1 x 3,5 mm stereo jack female (Bus OUT)
    1 x 2 pin (Control)
  • Resolution max: 1080p / 1920 x 1200
  • Possible resolutions: 480i/p, 720i/p, 1080i/p bis 12-Bit colour depth
  • Compatibility: HDMI 1.3a
  • Signal typs: TMDS Single Link
  • Weight: 281 g
  • Dimensions: (W/H/D) 108 x 42 x 65,6 mm 

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