Digital Theater Conference

October, 23 11:00-15:00 Conference Hall SOUTH
Панельная сессия «Технологии на службе у Искусства. Подходы к восприятию и взаимодействию театра с цифровыми технологиями»
Модератор: Валерий Яков, главный редактор журнала «Театрал»
The implementation of the federal project «Digital Culture»
  • Vadim Vanjkov, Director of Department of information and digital development, Ministry of Culture of Russia 
Problems of Online Theatres

  • Elmira Sherbakova, General Producer, «Theatral Russia»

Expanding the audience of the Golden Mask Festival in the projects “Golden Mask in the Cinema” and “Golden Mask ONLINE”. Features of the distribution of theater shows
  • Maria Revyakina, General Director, ANO «Festival «Golden Mask»
  • Natalia Shumilina, Executive Procuder, «Golden Mask in cinema» and «Golden Mask online»
  • Nadezhda Kotova, General Manager, Cool Connections
Panasonic Visual solutions for theaters
  • Nikolay Shkolnikov, Head of Visual Solutions Department, Panasonic
Как объединить звук и образ на сцене? На примере революционного шоу «Сны спящей красавицы»
  • Александр Ананьев, ведущий инженер-акустик компании «Сонорусс» (L-Acoustics)
Cultural Centre «ZIL». New Vision

  • Pavel Khlopin, Director, Cultural Centre «ZIL»
  • Igor Isheev Technical Director, Polymedia

Experience in implementing innovative AV technologies in theatrical productions
  • Игорь Ишеев, технический директор, Polymedia
Session «Integration of innovative audiovisual solutions and technologies into the theater space»

Moderator: Artur Ratke, Deputy Managing Director for the Development of Theatre Technologies, the State Academic Maly Theatre

Issues for discussion:
  • How to implement artistic ideas by technical means? A modern performance as a result of cooperation between the director, producer and technology specialist.
  • Audiovisual technology for theaters. How to include them in stage action harmoniously?
  • Designing an acoustic system taking into account the architectural features of the hall and the wishes of the theater management.
  • Video in Theater. Integration of ideas, technologies, systems.
  • Who does decide, what equipment the theater needs?  How to build work with the installer / provider of multimedia technologies?

Invited to participate:
  • Nikolay Simonov,Scenographer, Honored Artist of Russian Federation
  • Victor Kramer, Theater Director and Producer, «Kramer & Co.Production»
  • Roman Ulizko, Head of Information technologies department, the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre
  • Maria Lenarskaya, Head of the sound department, Moscow Musical theater
  • Evgeny Ganzburg, Program Manager, «Show Consulting School»


October, 23 11:00-15:00
Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14, Expocenter, Pavilion Forum, Conference Hall South
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